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I wanted a guaranteed way to meet people and possibly get new clients out of it. It’s a simple concept. Networking!

Do networking, and I’ve been doing so much of that recently, I almost can’t get enough of it. Not almost. I certainly can’t get enough of it. I’d like to spotlight and talk about Christine Smith and riplefx , and what a wonderful effect it’s had on my business and just my overall mindset.

The idea of expanding your business network – I was networking before I was in riplefx , but not to the extent that I am doing it now. It is such a great thing, and what Christine has done to build it up and get all the groups going and inspire everybody is just phenomenal. If you’re not in riplefx , I’d recommend giving it a shot and the idea of building your network in general..;

Networking Conclusion

You just got to do it, All right!, The Bow Knows VO!

Talk to you later, on the Daily Walk for Coffee! 

This content from 17 October, 2020, and continually relevant!

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