I can Post on Social Media 2 times a Week?

Post on Social Media

If you’re not making time for social media, then there is a problem..the problem being that people may not know who you are all the time, your post once a week or when you can..

 It’s, I guess, it’s better than nothing, but consistency is the key. ..So make the time schedule time to post on social media and make sure you get posted every day. I mean, seven days a week!

Just because you might take Sunday off ; A lot of people don’t, they’re on LinkedIn, they’re on Facebook. They’re on Instagram, even TikTok and they’re out there. So get your message out. Schedule the time!

The Daily Walk for Coffee, to the kitchen and back. Where did he go? Where do you go? He’s gone. Get on the camera, will you?

While you are posting, have a listen to my Internet Radio Station.

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