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Voice Talent includes Corporate Narration, AudioBooks, Radio and Television Commercials

How many customers are you NOT getting by NOT utilizing the Power of Social Media Advertising?


Chris Jones Voice Talent Video Producer

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This is the Process
Chris Jones Voice Talent and Social Media Ads

Audio Samples

Cleaning Company


15 Second Commercial Demo

30 Second Client Audio used in a Video Ad

30 Second Commercial Demo

60 Second Actual Radio Ad 98.5 WCKM in Glens Falls, NY

60 Second Public Service Announcement

Fictional Drama


Internet Radio Sample

Please Tell Me About Your Needs.

 Pricing is determined after we have a conversation.

Reviews: Google Facebook
With Voice Talent and Video Production, I help great companies and organizations achieve great gains. Your greatness depends on client perception, which starts with your awesome customer service and is enhanced greatly by your advertising messages, both audio and visual. Those messages begin with a conversation, which is where I can gain insight into your personal aspirations and core values. This is essential for me to understand how you want to convey a message to potential clients and customers.
I am a Business to Business Male Voice Over professional specializing in voicing, and in some cases, producing your advertising message for the Internet, be it for a Social Media campaign or your website. I also produce full, much longer presentations, audio and visual.
Many years in Radio Broadcasting, in concert with several years in sales and customer service add up to 40+ Years of knowing how to communicate in a way that rivets attention and creates a scene in a listener’s, or a customer’s, mind. This is backed with the ability to implement WordPress Websites, with or without ecommerce.
I have many satisfied clients in the Glens Falls, NY area, and will take your message from start to finish with an entire audio/visual experience. If a Voiceover is all you require I am your guy as well. This is an absolute passion, and a full time labor of love that has me as a member of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. As a hobby I run an Internet Radio Station, another passion.
Your client’s full satisfaction could very well start with you and I having a conversation.
Chris Jones Media Voiceover
Your Business Message
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Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce


Clients – (All Company Names are YouTube Links)
Videos can be seen below this list

XII Sporks (American Cuisine Restaurant in Lake George, NY)

Alchemy Bagel Cafe – Glens Falls, NY

Airway Meadows Golf Club – Gansevoort, NY

Burch Motors – Hudson Falls, NY

A Plus Cleaning – Queensbury, NY

ABF Cleaning – Warrensburg, NY

Dix Avenue Diner -Queensbury, NY

BJS Artworks – Glens Falls, NY

Rogers Island – Fort Edward, NY

Big Moose Furniture – Lake George, NY

DC Realty – Granville, NY (Real Estate Listing Expired)

Wrong Turn Entertainment – Fonda, NY  (Video Production – No Voice)

Send A Meal Today – Hudson Falls, NY

Video Resume

Price Ranges

Voice Talent Only – 30 Sec to 2 Min: (Give to You) $300 – $500
Audio – 2 min – up: (Produced) Case By Case (Audio Books, Narration, Corporate..)
Video Only (Up to 2 min): (Give to You) $400 – $600
Audio and Video – 30 sec to 2 min: (I give to you – you produce) $500 – $650
Full Video/Audio Production – up to 2 min $600 – $700
WordPress Website (No Commerce): $1000 –  $1500
WordPress Website (with Commerce): $1500 – $2000+

Social Media and Voiceover FAQ

How much can you get paid for voice over work?

This varies widely depending upon the job undertaken, potentially in the four figures, $1000 and up. That would likely be for a talent agency operating on behalf of a client.

Do voice overs get paid?

Oh Yes! Voice actors get paid on a per project or per job basis. Earnings as a voice actor range from $100 for a 15 second recording, $250 for a 30 or 60 second commercial to upwards of $2500 to $3000, or more, per audiobook.

How much does it cost to hire a voice actor?

Earnings as a voice actor range from: $35 for a small market radio commercial, $150 for a 15 second recording for a small website, $250 – $350 for a 30 second major market radio commercial (Plus use fees) to about $2000 – $5000 per audiobook, as an established voice talent.

What is the salary of a voice actor?

The average pay for a Voice Actor/Actress is $150 per hour. The average pay for a Voice Actor/Actress is $40,000 per year.

How much do audiobook narrators make?

Medium and large-size publishers may pay between $100 and $350 per hour. Many new narrators entering the field are part-time and do not work often because of competition from more experienced or well-connected audio book narrators. Also, most new narrators do not receive pay based on standard rates.

How does social media help advertising

Social media advertising helps a business find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify interest. Rather than reactively targeting users who search a certain term, social media advertising proactively targets relevant users before they even begin a search.

How much does it cost to advertise on social media?

For professional social media advertising services, prices range from $850 to $2750 per month. This rate does not include ad spend, or ‘boosting’ your message. Agencies generally recommend an ad spend of $200 to $1000 or more to maximize the results and performance of your campaign.

Is it cheaper to advertise on social media?

Social media marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing for making connections with an audience, such as advertising online or on in print. … However, a company with a limited advertising budget is still able to maintain its social media channels and interact with clients and customers.

How much do Facebook and Instagram ads cost?

The average CPC (Cost per Click) for Instagram ads is between $0.20 and $2. On the other hand, the average CPC for Facebook is about $0.80, and the average CPM is about $5.12. These are just basic estimates based on data collected over a period of time .

Who is Chris Jones?

He is a Social Media Ad Producer and Voice Talent with strong Video Production Skills. He has a background in professional radio broadcasting and excellent customer service skills. One Google Review says: ‘ He is Professional, funny, caring, fast, and his work is amazing. We highly recommend him. Thank you Chris Jones you are truly one in a million.’

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