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Specializing in creating highly performing websites, we are a Website Design Company utilizing the extreme flexibility of the WordPress Platform to quickly get you up and running, and track all aspects of what you do in this digital age. We have an intense focus on YOUR need. Your brand will grow, continuously.

The present and future are being realized through mobile devices. Be ready using the device responsive WordPress Platform and it’s ecommerce companion, WooCommerce! 

To Compete and constantly keep up with your competition, you need Brand Awareness. It is an ongoing process to catch up to and stay ahead of the guy or gal next door. We help you do that. 

You need to stand ahead of your competitors and grab a customer’s attention. This task is very challenging, to say the least, in this age of constant media saturation. We have it covered, and will work with you so you do indeed stand out from the crowd. 

Think about a product or service you offer, that you can make stand out in such a way that makes a lasting impression on a client or customer. This idea is something else that we will help you with in your journey towards getting your business to stand out.

How Much?

WordPress Website (No Commerce):
$1000 –  $1500

WordPress Website (with Commerce):
$1500 – $2000+

Perhaps your new or existing Website needs a narration or strong voiceover. We have you covered. Below is a 30 Second Voice Sample. We will go much longer if needed..

Responsive WordPress Websites by Chris Jones Media


The versatility and flexibility of the WordPress Platform, which Powers roughly 26% of The Internet, make it an ideal choice for implementing your Web presence. WordPress is called a ‘Content Management System’, and that’s exactly what it does – manage your content.

One of the great advantages of using WordPress, is that it takes much less time to build an online presence using WordPress than when using traditional Web Design Methods. We also utilize something called WooCommence for doing business online, as it integrates with WordPress to track all aspects of your business. What do you have in mind?

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The Team: Chris Jones

Kim and Chris Jones

   I’m the guy. My Background consists of several years in Radio Broadcasting – several years in Sales – and several WordPress Website Designs.

   One of my favorite accomplishments was the leading of several multi-talented individuals scattered across the Internet in the making of a highly successful video game modification.

   All of these Experiences have shaped who I am and what I do today, not to mention of course my wife and two offspring.
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Chris and Kim on Mt Jo in the Adirondack Mountains of NY in April 2016

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