Why You Should Not Say TGIF!

So it’s a Friday and you’re thinking about the weekend. But you’re also thinking about your business.

So don’t say TGIF. Because when you say T G I F Thank God it’s Friday ! That means you hate the week. You’re looking forward to the weekend. That’s not really the way to go if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in business, Friday is like Monday. It’s like, Hey, let’s get up and get going.

Even Saturday And sometimes Sunday can be just like Mondays, and that’s the way you do it when you’re an entrepreneur. So No T G I F.

The Daily Walk for Coffee says that French Vanilla is the thing to Do. Although I would take Pumpkin Spice in the Springtime, or in July, I don’t know why we can’t get it. It’s just some kind of marketing thing that they only sell Pumpkin Spice in the Fall.

Well, anyway, that’s it. No, TGIF, Enjoy!


TGIF - Daily Walk for Coffee

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