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Who has the right Voice for your message?

Who has the right Voice for your Message? Someone with Passion! From Your viewpoint, you need a voice that will carry the true essence of what your business stands for, a conversational, caring voice. There is such a person. The Reason I do Social Media Marketing as a Male Voice Over Talent, Videographer, and Photographer with Video Production and equally important Website skills is simple. It is a Passion, a Passion that grew out of a love for Radio from a young age.

Your greatness depends on your clients’ perception, and that begins with your awesome customer service. Your Customer Service is enhanced greatly by your advertising messages, both audio and visual, be it through traditional outlets or Social Media. Those messages begin with a conversation, which is where I can gain insight into your personal aspirations and core values. This is essential for me to understand how you want to convey a message to potential clients and customers. Our initial meeting is where this happens, and also where you discover the solution to your advertising needs.

This Love for Radio translated into sales for a while and came into a new light in early 2019 when I began accepting clients in need of a new ‘Voice’ for Social Media and website advertising. I cannot express in words how it feels to pursue a passion. In addition and as another passion, I run an Internet Radio station, and the Return on Investment on that is improving monthly.

What You Get

You get a Business to Business Male Voice Over professional specializing in voicing as well as producing your advertising message for the Internet. This could be for a Social Media campaign or your new (or current) website. You will witness, from start to finish, an entire audio/visual experience. This is an absolute passion, as well as a full time labor of love that has me as a member of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. Who has the right Voice? It starts with you and I having a conversation. 518-223-6044.

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