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As of 16 October 2017, I  am not taking on any new website clients.

This site is being re-focused – The Radio and Gaming will remain intact.

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Internet Radio – scroll down to stream audio!
This is a widely listened to Internet Radio station featuring popular favorites through the ages, and personality!

Gaming News and Reviews!
Operating Hours: 24-7 Via this Website!
Description: With years of communication experience, there’s not a more qualified person to implement your Internet Presence, throw down the music and personality for your ears, or give you your video game fix!!


Contact us by Phone 518-223-6044 or Email:

Welcome to the Chris Jones Personal Favorites Audio Stream
Chris Jones Media
You gotta stay true to your roots. I’ve been layin’ it down live in my head, on the air, and on the Net since 1979! “Chris Jones Favorites” is gaining listeners every day. You diggin’ it yet? There are many Entertainment Choices today. Thank you for coming here! Take a listen through the legal web player, or through your favorite media player.

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Story –
I began broadcasting on a College Radio Station at SUNY Plattsburgh (NY, USA) in 1979, and was a professional broadcaster until 1993 when my life went a different way. Once that Radio bug hit, I was infected forever. This radio station features 50 years of personal favorites; tunes with energy and passion!

With years of experience under my belt, you won’t find a more qualified, dignified or electrified person to throw down the music and personality for your ears. I present, for your listening entertainment, 50 years of Personal Favorites, sprinkled with bits of Personality and Fun. The playlist is evolving and expanding. This Radio Station is a Labour of Love with a playlist that can take you through your workday without a repeat. I am having much fun with this, and would love some feedback.

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