The Bow Knows Health

The Bow Knows Health


At the age of 60, I left what I consider ‘retail sales’ for good. The date was March 1, 2019. That’s the day I started my video production and voice over business.

Working for myself, with my wife’s support, is a dream come true and allows for much freedom of thought.

We both want to be around for a long time, and to that end, a Shaklee business is a great fit!


My Goal is to live to 100 years of age! Shaklee will help me do that, and keep my energy flowing for the Media business too!

I am now able to “show up” as my best self, and am helping others find their way to Health and Wellness.

I’d love to help you feel better too! Contact me here!

One of the great things about Shaklee is that it can be a side business, a supplement to my video production and voice actor business, ‘Chris Jones Media‘.

I plan to live to be at least 100, and will always be known for the bowtie.

‘The Bow Knows’ has been my Personal Brand for a while now, and I am excited to have it in the Health arena as well!

The Bow Knows Health

I want to be around for my family, and to enjoy life in the process.

Being with Shaklee will play a major role in keeping me healthy for many years to come! Ask me How!

I am always wearing a bowtie. The Bow Knows..

So, in this case, The Bow Knows Health and Wellness,  and I intend to show you that!

How old do you think I am now?


Shaklee products stand tall on decades of research and countless studies. One example is a Landmark Health Study with UC Berkeley which spanned 10 years and proved that daily nutrition makes us healthier in the long run.

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