Social Media Trends this week: Sunday June 7

Hello Folks!

This week we have one popular meme, and an interesting trend!

The Meme:

From Twitter and Tumblr, Supernatural has once again sparked drama. Despite being over, The actors have once again found themselves the target of jokes and memes across multiple social medias.

This mem is more making fun of the connection the actors thought they had, and the uproar of beating a dead horse for more money. The drama lies in the prequel in progress.

One of the actors from the main show (Jared Padalecki) wasn’t informed of the show at all, and only learned of it through twitter. This spawned a slew of petty tweets, and questions from fans about why the main character wasn’t informed of the prequel, even in passing. memes were made of his previous tweets. The video above is a compilation by “desinatural” on

The Trend:

Black Tiktok users are doing a strike to highlight appropriation! Specifically, they’re focusing on dance appropriation, which was also talked about when Fortnite uploaded many dances that were left un credited with no royalties to the creators. In Tiktok’s case, it’s about the erasure of the Tiktokers that created the original dances.

Songs that have made numbers on Tiktok have seen a trend of rising on billboards in the US as well, emphasizing the app’s impact on the music industry. Without the support of key creators, it can signals the rise and fall of whatever songs popular creators choose to create dances for. The lack of success with “Thot Shit” in particular showcases creator’s powers like never before. Social media’s effect on today’s popular culture is significant in ways we haven’t foreseen.

As a business, you have power, and that could be used in any way you deem necessary. Standing with black content creators can reassure  your customers of color.

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