Social Media Trends this week: Sunday June 6

This week there’s an Uptick in Pride-themed posts: it’s the first week of June, which is Pride Month!

Welcome to the first Sunday Social Media Trends!!

Current memes to take advantage of:

Cruella origin story:

This meme makes fun of the over-complication of villain backstories. Cruella in particular because a) she just got a movie detailing her tragic(?) backstory and b) because her intentions in the original movie were simple and straightforward. The action of wanting puppy fur for a coat is not something most people would want a drawn-out 2+ hour movie about, and the justification the movie used was ridiculous.

The memes are following the motive of “I hate Dalmatians because they ran my mother of a cliff”; being a combination of [normal object] + [dramatic action] + [close family member].

Others play on the idea of Dalmatians killing a parental figure (example below)

An example of using it to your advantage could be equating common problems for your field to Dalmatians.

X is one of my favorite genders:

This meme is beautifully simple: an object/person/ identity signifier is lauded as one of the poster’s favorite genders. This meme is entirely one of self-expression, fueled by what drives one’s own identity. Some examples I’ve seen are “leather jackets”, “podcast character”, “LOTR” and “80’s windbreakers”.

You can use this to help endear you or your company to your audience: what objects define you or your company? How can you summarize your base identity in a way that others can relate to?

(example meme below by birdinatrashcan on tumblr)

#yeah from Freddie Mercury's perm...😳


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