Social Media Trends this week: Sunday June 20th

Hello again!

With DC having caused a rather salacious scandal this week, let us be distracted with something more.. user-friendly!

This weeks memes are…

For the Better… Right?

Another meme has arisen from the Star Wars Prequels! Anakin and Padme feature in this meme from a picnic scene!

Character A(Anakin) says something with 2 meanings (one positive, one negative). Character B (Padme) Initially thinks of the More positive meaning, and is then proven wrong by Character A’s reaction.

This can be used to make fun of business rivals, or be inversed by switching the Padme images to promote something of your brands’.

I would like to award you the Highest Honor I can bestow….

Is a revived meme, first spotted in 2019, and currently re-gaining popularity.

It’s generally a mostly positive meme, with the audience being the award-giver, and the child being the subject of the award, be it literal, figurative, or purely from the heart.

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