Social Media Trends this week: Sunday June 13th

Welcome to this week’s social media trends!

It’s June 13th, and the week of Cruella memes is over!!

Pride Month is still going strong, so showing any support of the LBGTQ+ community is heavily encouraged!

This weeks memes are…


Pride Month saw DC comics celebrating major Heroes, Antiheroes, and even a few villains known to be Queer. One issue heavily implied Tim Drake (Robin no.3) going out with a minor reoccurring character called Bernard. Memes cropped up about Tim having a thing for blondes, that the Robin that people expected to be bi was different (for several weeks previous, there were many posts and art depicting Nightwing (Robin no1) being bi), and jokes based around Bernard’s previous dialogues and appearances.

Many have considered Tim to be one of the more heavily queer-coded bat-kids, citing the close relationship between him and superboy, and his previous appearance in another Pride-themed issue that depicted him in a Pride parade, so this Month’s comic has earned if not acclaim, than atleast joy in the comics fandom.

E3!! (part 1)

Be on the look out for memes from E3, where upcoming games are heralded and announcements are made.

Last year, we got boatloads of Keanu Reeves memes, which lasted quite a while.

With any luck, this year’s will also grant us some new memes.

Saturday started us off with Ubisoft, which most people considered uninspiring. The highlight was the 2nd Mario + Rabbid game, and people making fun of the upcoming Avatar game (as in the James Cameron movie).

Day 2 has people bringing up old Todd Howard memes and interest piquing over Redfall and Slime Rancher 2.

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