Social Media Trends this week: Sunday July 25th

Social Media Trends this week that debuted with a bang!

Tumblr Post+

Tumblr unveiled premium user subscriptions and everyone went ballistic. A similar concept (Tumblr Gold) was a meme several years ago, and it  promptly revived, along with scores of complaints and more relevant memes. Jokes about not being able to see posts as part of elaborate plans, mentions of how basic functions still don’t work after months of complaints, other parts of the site that were declared defunct still partially working, and most importantly, warning from lawyers that fan artists and writers (that compose a good portion of content of the site) can’t take advantage of the function, since it would be putting them under legal fire from larger companies.

In a similar vein, Twitter debuted dislikes to much less of an uproar.


The Olympics have begun in Japan! #tokyo2020 is what Twitter is using (and therefore what Facebook will be using as well). Other social medias will also be using #Olympics, and tags like it.

This is another opportunity to capitalize on patriotic fervor!


This tag is trending, and it’s a little…. uh. It seems to be split this way: 40% People saying sexual stuff, 20% stuff to do with roughing it in the wilderness or house-related stuff, and 40% people talking about how it’s been that way for years and still is.

It’s honestly a little wild to see just how little a filter people have, especially considering posting something on social media is the modern equivalent of yelling on a soap box in a town square.

For a company, I’d say maybe steer away from this tag, unless you have a product geared for men. If so, maybe talk about how all men would be using your product or some such.


On a much chiller note, #FakeSpaceRocketFacts is also trending.

For your tweet, you can say that your product is available in space :). simple and hopefully effective.

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