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Covid-19 vaccine Shortages in Other Countries

Poor countries are having a hard time getting Vaccines, while the US is having the opposite problem. What’s up with that?

Reports have a variety of causes for the shortage, listing everything from logistics to bad health-care, to many people simply not being able to afford any version of the vaccine.

Returning to the Preventative measures asked by the CDC isn’t possible for many people, and it even more troubling to hear that “Nearly 90 per cent of African countries are set to miss the global target of vaccinating 10 per cent of their people by September, according to the World Health Organization.”(CBC), especially when herd immunity is what makes vaccines effective.

Watchful eyes and worried looks will continue to keep this topic on people’s minds for at least the next month or two, until it either fades from collective memory or a solution is devised.

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Renewed Hope for Space travel

Rocket ships and Astronauts are basking once more in the public consciousness after a billionaire space race was broadcasted live. The Virgin Galactic flight, shown Live today marks another notch into the annals of Space Tourism flights.

Capitalize on this by having Space-themed posts!


In Soccer the European Cup and Copa America were this week, while for Tennis it’s the Wimbledon Cup. For your clients in Europe and Latin America, have Soccer pride gear at the ready to show your support!

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