Social Media Trends this week: Sunday August 1st 2021

Social Media Trends this week include

So true bestie! / God made us enemies because he knew Society Can’t handle us as besties

The phrase from mid-2000’s teen movies is back in a big way! Mostly as a joke, but people do still integrate those into everyday conversation.

“Bestie” is slang for “Best Friend”, or as some people joke “the chiller version of comrade” can be used as a sort of informal comradery with your audience. Refer to them as your bestie, maybe! Depending on who your audience is and what you’re going for, of course!


Mineta Bisexual(?) Scare

A mistranslation of the latest chapter of the manga My Hero Acadamia sent the fandom into an uproar. The Character in question, is a sexual harasser of his female classmates and fits into the trope of “perverted comedic relief”. The mistranslation used the English “fell for” as a stand in for a word that could also mean to deeply admire.

Other characters have been coded as gay or been mentioned as being part of the community in design notes and character bios.

Mineta is a character fans hate enough to have of the most popular tags in relation to him remove him from the story entirely, with large portions of the fandom simply trying their best to ignore his existence.

Having such a hated and perverted character be (possibly) canonically Bisexual is a little… uh… Awkward might be the best way of putting it, especially since he would be the first in-text to be so.

Vis-a-vis hilarity, if this is actually canon and not a translation error, then he would have confessed before the main love interest, but after a villainess.

This can be used as a sort of lesson for businesses: A look before you leap situation. If the Author had picked literally any other character fans would have gone wild in a way that would have been way more positive. Here, people aren’t upset at his bisexuality- they’re upset with the character’s previous words and actions.

This is an example where research is vital in many different respects, and knowing context is super important.

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