You can create Social Media Ads that do not suck!

Is your social media not doing well? Your posts get maybe 2 to 3 likes, maybe zero likes and just generally Sucking! I Can Help!

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, ad agencies and You, achieve happy clients with cost effective Voice Overs, along with social media and website video. My name is Chris Jones.

Social Media Ads

I will meet with you virtually, If you prefer, to discuss how we can improve your advertising message on social media and a better look on your website. I will come to your location and shoot high quality video, get still images and produce brand new social media ads for you with state of the art software.

If desired, I will record a high quality voice track in my home studio with professional equipment, using a script that I write or you provide. Along the way I communicate with you, show you the work in progress and perform any edits or revisions you might need.

The Bow Knows VO. That’s me. Chris Jones, based in Glens Falls, New York.. The Bow Knows VO

I can also manage your Social Media – More on that here!

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