1 Good Reason to Shop Local

Supporting small business, Supporting local business is the way to keep the economy moving and in that vein I have decided not to shop online for anything anymore unless I exhaust all local resources first.

In that case I may have to go online and get something. I did cancel my Prime account and I’m just not going to do anything online if I don’t have to because I believe in supporting small business.

That’s the subject of this Daily Walk for Coffee, which I have a nice cup right here. Hazelnut!

I used A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for the visuals here, I think it provides a nice effect.

Shop Local

Support small business shop local. You will be glad you did. Really. It’s good to see the communities thriving, and the way to do it is to shop local and do things local.

Here are some Client Videos.

Here is another Daily Walk for Coffee, on a local walk

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