Productivity and Days of the Week

How does productivity relate to days of the week? Some people think their favorite day of the week is Friday because that is the day before the weekend. You must not like your weekday thing very much if Friday is the day you live for. On Friday you can say ‘Hey the weekend’s coming yeah let’s go the weekend – relief from the week. So what does that mean? It means your weekends are probably fine but it also means that your Monday through Friday, that stuff you have to do to put bread on the table, so to speak, is not enjoyable. Let’s look at productivity from that perspective.


What is the most productive day of the week? Let’s analyze them one by one. Monday – you had the weekend off. It’s basically a rush, it’s a catch up; maybe you did some stuff on Saturday and Sunday was a day off for most people, and Monday is just crazy catch up day. You can never get your head straight until nearly the end of Monday sometimes.

Monday Productivity


 Tuesday – the Monday rush is over and this is considered by some to be a very productive day. I don’t think it’s the most but Tuesday is certainly a lot more productive than Monday because on Monday you’re putting out fires and catching up and all of that so Tuesday can be fairly productive. I’ve done some really good stuff on Tuesdays.


Let’s get into Wednesday. I personally feel that Wednesday is the most productive day of the week. It’s the best of the bunch, the weekend is gone, long gone, and is still pretty far off, and you are pretty much in a groove. Monday was rush Tuesday was the day after the rush so you can slow down a bit and get more productive but Wednesday is the most productive day and you are in your weekly groove. You’re in a mid week groove, is a better way to say that. Productivity!


 Thursday you’re still on that Wednesday groove thing but by after lunch or so on Thursday you’re thinking; Hey tomorrow’s Friday and that’s all you’re thinking about is; Friday is tomorrow then the weekend so Thursday is still pretty productive generally but not quite so much as Wednesday. I would say that Tuesday and Thursday about the same regarding productivity.


 Friday. Well, maybe Friday morning you’re doing OK but by the time we get to lunchtime on Friday like 10 or 11:00 AM maybe noon it’s like: OK the weekend’s coming and I’m just not going to do anything the rest of the day! Although.. there are people that go wack and get very productive on Friday. It all depends on how you feel personally. For me Wednesday is the most productive day of the week  and that would be assuming that I didn’t like my Monday through Friday but..


I very much enjoy my Monday through Friday! Every day is a productive day.. and that would include Saturday and even Sunday sometimes. Sunday I consider a family kind of day and it can be somewhat productive business wise, but you need to take time for your family too so Sunday is the day for family. In a general sense; late Saturday afternoon kind of starts the ‘Family’ idea. Saturday can be very productive, and for some is their best day.

That’s my analysis of what the most productive day of the week is. How do you feel about Productivity based on a certain day of the week? What is your best, or favorite, day of the week?

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