Are Your Business Ads Working?

Make your business ads professional and engaging to get noticed.

Recently you heard a commercial on TV or radio that you actually were paying some attention to. You may not have consciously thought this but in the back of your mind the message was uninspiring or just plain dull. Think about the reputation a business has with a bad message like that. The message the business wants to convey may not get across because of a weak or uninspiring voice, and an impression will not be left with you or anyone else. Business ads like this are ineffectual, and a waste of money.

A strong, conversational voice may be needed to convey a message that will leave an impression on a viewer or listener! You could apply this same concept to narration services. Nothing is worse than trying to listen to a presentation with a weak, uninspiring voice. Make sure the message a potential customer hears is strong, authoritative, and inspiring! Otherwise, little or no results will come of your ad spend.

Think back to the reputation of the business you heard that just didn’t sound good, even if they had the best visuals in the world – 4K visuals – high-definition everything and it was just a fantastic production, but the voice was awful to put it mildly – the business will be perceived as unprofessional. The video will mean nothing without a strong voice. If that’s your business ad, of course that’s a bad thing. People will think you do not care about your business if they hear a message like that, even if visuals are top-notch. Trust Me, I have seen and heard commercials like that. Not Pretty.

Make your business ads effective and engaging by hiring a professional. The value is beyond measure. 5 reasons your small business needs a voice-over artist.

Here is a similar but slightly different take on this. Perhaps you like your own voice and want to use it. See This!

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