Listen to Your Business Message

Think about The last time you heard a commercial on TV or even radio for a business and you thought, ‘that sounds kind of dull’, or ‘I don’t like the way that sounded’. Maybe you do not consciously say that, but it is in your head. Think about the reputation of that business. If the message they are trying to convey just isn’t getting across, the reason is likely a weak or uninspiring voice. The video below illustrates messages I have actually heard.

If you hear this or something as uninspiring, you just will not care. You will not want to go to the business or want to partake in their services because you see them as unprofessional. The weak voice makes a bad impression. A good strong voice is needed, someone to voice the message, a message that leaves an impression on a viewer or a listener. That’s where I come in.

My voice. I am taking pride in it and telling you that I know that I can make your business stand out and give you a solid, strong message. Just think about the reputation of the business you heard that did not sound so good. You think they must not care about what they sound like or look like. If that is your business contact me and I will fix it for you. If it’s something I can help you with, I would love to do it. I will certainly will make you sound good and look good as well.

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Your Business Message

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