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The Host was Andrew Lopez

Everything you and I do, Chris, you know, around expression, around engagement, around the things we do with video. It’s transformed our business, and it’s transformed us as humans and what we do every day and the passion that we have for it. So, you know, I ask you when it comes to that conversation around, leading with expression or leading with sparking engagement, you know, what does that look like to you? And what does it look like? Moving forward..

Well, you have to build a relationship. There are so many people that I see on LinkedIn that will connect with ; We’ll use LinkedIn as a platform example. So many people that connect with me on LinkedIn – within five or 10 seconds, You see, you want to buy my stuff. I’m like, No, I don’t want to buy your stuff, especially with Bitcoin people. I don’t know what it is with them.

You have to.. before you do that, you have to build a relationship and and it and it takes sometimes a while. It might take a week, a month, two months, six months before you might actually get, you know, a sale out of it, A client out of it.

But that’s not the best part, and Gary Vaynerchuk alludes to this, if you know who Gary Vee is. He talks about the journey, the journey of a relationship, building a relationship with somebody is something that is very valuable to me and very powerful, because when you do that, uh, it just, you know, like and trust. If somebody knows you and likes you and they will eventually come to trust you and if they need your services, you’re the one there, and if they don’t ever need your services, that’s fine, because they know people they know people that might! I mean and.. always be friendly all the time !

..and don’t pitch all the time in business, ..just be warm and friendly and find common ground – start conversations and go from there. I think that’s the way to do it. It’s helped me a lot. That concept has helped me a lot in my own business. I’ve been doing it since March of 2019 on an official basis, but before that for a long time in radio and all that, because I was just being a friendly person all the way along.

You have to build a relationship first, and then the best happens that the good things happen after that. You either you get clients or are you just continue to have long term friends, and that in itself is very valuable.

The Know Like Trust Factor. Having the long term relationships and friends on social media and in person, with Covid, the idea of using Zoom has become so prevalent now, and that is that part of it is better. I think! The fact that we can maybe talk more and like you’re in California, I’m in New York State. Without Zoom, we likely wouldn’t meet, maybe make a phone call, I don’t know what it would be, but building relationships is what it’s all about.

If anything good has come out of this pandemic, it’s the fact that we’ve done a lot more of that. At least I have in my business, and I’ll see a lot of other people that have too. That’s my take on it! Know Like trust factor

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Know Like trust

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