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Is there a cure for covid 19

How are you? Are you feeling okay today? Is there a cure for covid 19? Is there a Light on the Other Side? The answer to that could depend on whatever the news of the day is or whatever day you are consuming this. This article is designed to invoke reflection. These words are being written on March 22nd, 2020, a Sunday afternoon around 5:00 PM Eastern time in very Upstate New York. The Sun is out and it is a relatively cool day, bit of wind. It’s basically a mid thirties feel today even though it is by the calendar Springtime, and I hope everything’s okay with you. I just wanted to put some thoughts down here while I talk about what’s going on in the world, the Corona virus. I don’t want to get into any specific numbers or masks or any, any, any numbers or anything that relates to a specific time. Just a feeling. Is there a cure for covid 19?

Is there a cure for covid 19?

It’s a strange feeling in the world now. When I go outside, I mean for the most part things look normal, but when you go into restaurants and there’s nobody there, just somebody, somebody’s taking takeout orders and setting up for deliveries and things like that. Kids home from school, car dealerships not having employees there. Just the service departments, the other people working from home. Generally everybody working from home, virtually working from home. Now that is going to just, I think, continue. It’s going to continue after the Corona virus has been subsided and is basically gone. Which when will that be? Who knows? We can’t really, we can’t put dates on it but what I’m saying is this work from home thing that is happening a lot. The uh, social distancing or you might call it physical distancing and social connection if you want to put a different a term on the whole thing, but really the same thing, says you’ve got to stay apart six feet apart, at least wash your hands frequently and just, just do that. The work from home is going to continue and I think it’s going to continue well beyond the end of the Corona because the people that are doing it now because they are mandated to or they don’t work. Is there a cure for covid 19?

Essentially we’ll say, Hey this is not such a bad thing and we’re going to continue to do it or I want to continue to do it now. What will that make for the future? Well, there are to be a lot of people that will just insist on that with their jobs. Now there are manufacturing jobs and a lot of, you know, labor type positions that just can’t be done from home. You can’t stock a warehouse from your bedroom essentially, so you’ve got to go to work to do that. But the people that can work from home, myself included, will be doing that white a lot more than we have been. And I think it’s not such a bad thing. And I’m hearing reports, uh, well, what about jobs or jobs going to be lost because of this? Yes. There are some businesses that are not going to come out of this. Is there a cure for covid 19?

Well, yes, the President wants to do an economic stimulus package and send checks to people and yes, that’ll help. But we’ll see how far it really goes because we’re going to come out of this on the other side. It’s a positive mindset that is required for this is easy to get gloom and doom. Now I frequent LinkedIn, the social media platform more than the rest of them actually. So much positivity on there. And so many people willing to just help you and provide guidance, free information about what they know, expertise in business. There are some businesses that are, are apparently doing well with this, uh, within the whole thing. There is a Light on the Other Side. Is there a cure for covid 19?

Social Media

If your business is one of those that’s on hold right now, you should get prepared for when things get back to normal and basically hit the ground running. And what I am doing and I see a lot of people doing is maintaining your presence on social media. That includes LinkedIn, Facebook business, Instagram, Twitter, even Twitter does have some uses. TikTok. I love TikTok! The Daily Walk for Coffee. The thing that I do on an almost daily basis has gained some traction on TikTok and it seems to be doing all right, but, Is there a cure for covid 19?

So many companies I see out there and once I have approached honestly their social media isn’t what they want it to be or maybe they want it like it is, I don’t know. But it just seems like the things they post get in two or maybe three likes and maybe a comment once in a while and generally just post, post, post with no real reaction. It seems like an endless thing. I am certainly looking forward to the end of the Corona virus scare. Well, it’s a scare because a lot of people don’t know if the person standing next to them outside has it, which is why they limited the gatherings. There is a Light on the Other Side. Is there a cure for covid 19?

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More Jobs or Less Jobs?

It’s a rough situation and in a lot of cases, so just take all the precautions necessary and we likely will come out of this pandemic with more people basically still doing social distancing, working from home and that can be good in some ways, bad and others less jobs. I was saying earlier possibly, but I have this feeling that a new jobs will spring up because of the need and the desire for higher and better technology to do all of this teleconferencing maybe a, it’s a good thing. Well, whether it’s a good thing or not, what’s going to happen at the end of this pandemic is that more and more people will be working from home. As of right now, the only people that have essential jobs, media, automotive repair, any kind of medical related stuff, hospitals, law enforcement, firefighters, those such things, essential, you’re still going to work still doing your thing and putting yourself on the front line of this, of this whole thing. Is there a cure for covid 19?

While the rest of us are told to stay home in our non-essential capacity, work from home will become the new norm. On the day of this recording, I just came from a restaurant. Uh, that only does, in fact, all restaurants are doing takeout and delivery only. You can’t go in and sit down and have a meal right now. So I am supporting small business. Third day in a row. We’ve done that from this house. The chains will survive the bigger chains. It has been my point in my desire and my push to support small business owners, small business owners who will likely suffer a bit and they’ve had to lay off employees and they’re getting unemployment, I suppose, but not the same as a actually going to work, having a job and feeling good about it. I do appreciate you hanging out with me and supporting Chris Jones Media. There will be more on this. There is a Light on the Other Side, but I am not sure the answer to ‘is there a cure for covid 19’ will come anytime soon.

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