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I absolutely love drawing upon experts for their inspiration and wisdom. I asked a question of David Brier recently, a Google Branding Expert..

My Question to David Brier: In your book, “Brand Intervention”, how do you go about making your brand ‘A Party’?

[David] How you make it A Party?  Your stuff has to meet this bar. Are people going to regret having missed out on what you’re offering? That’s the standard that I put it to.

Like I, like if I’m going, okay, I really want to generate buzz, I really want to get into it, what needs to be part of the overall vibe? What needs to be part of the overall message? What needs to be part of the overall brand that actually makes someone go, damn it, I missed that! Oh, I wanted to be part of that! That’s how you start to bring it into a Party.


Otherwise, your bar or your metric is totally different. Otherwise you’re going okay, what are we going to say that’s interesting? What else are we going to say that’s like maybe a little bit disruptive? What are we going to say and do that’s going to be a little bit, you know unexpected or this, that and the other? That’s fine and those are good and those are important.

But, if you want to raise it to the level of really making your thing a Party that, A Party is something that people want to be at. They want to have been invited to. They regret if they aren’t on the VIP invite list. Right, that’s where I would go.

David Brier is Google’s #1 Branding Expert.

Brand Intervention


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