How do I Voice my own ad?

How do I Voice my own ad?

Business Owner – You could ask, ‘How Do I Voice my own Ad?’ What? Why are you writing this Chris? There is a good chance that with some effort, your own voice can be put to use on an ad for your business. The way I see it, You are the business owner! Who better than you to convey your company message? There are three major elements that come into play. I explain in the Podcast below this text. It is not as difficult as it might seem.


The Three Major elements for recording your own ad.

  1. Know your product – this seems obvious, but still it needs to be said. There are some who actually do not know the product they selling.
  2. Articulate. not everyone is a voice talent or a voice actor, but if you make a an effort to correctly pronounce every word, you’ll do well.
  3. That ties in with how you deliver your message. Instead of using ‘hype’ and sounding phony, just be conversational, like you are talking to your neighbor over the fence. People/Clients will love that!

Voice Equipment

Many phones and tablets can give a pretty good audio experience. You maybe then can bring the audio file to an ad agency and say, ‘Hey – my voice is on my phone, and I’d like to use it for my ad.’ An Ad Agency may suggest recording it in a studio, but you can take it from there. So, How do I voice my own ad? Follow the three steps outlined, and you will have something.


When finished, be sure to listen intently to the message that people will hear. Make sure it is accurate and riveting. Here’s an article about what to do if you do not like your message.

If you are just starting to consider advertising, please read this. It will help.

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