Honesty and other Endeavors – Advertising tips for appealing to Young Adults Today

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Maintain Integrity and be genuine

Younger people, especially those that grew up on the net and various social medias, have an automatic dislike and distrust for advertising.

This extends to the way companies market themselves on all forms of media. What I’ve found that irks most people is the disingenuousness of a lot of advertising. This extends to how some companies, like Amazon and Ubisoft are notorious for their less-than-lackluster treatment of workers, and then turn around and brag about how good and diverse their workforce.

People will accept raised prices and most limitations on your companies services if you cite the wellbeing of your employees.

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Emphasize the good the company does for both its employees and its community

People will actively seek out, if they have the means, more ethical companies to source their products. If you inform people of the choices that your company has made that improve its surroundings, people will see and flock to you.

Don’t be perfect

Allowing your uniqueness and personality show through your advertising will make people feel more drawn toward your company. Many of the most popular brands rely on a similar, bland style of attracting as many people as possible.

For those companies that are fine with a smaller, more loyal clientele, even showing off your rougher edges will impress people and make customers endear themselves to the company. Just as people trust those that show their softer sides to those closer to them, so will people come to believe in your company.

Acknowledging the Company’s mistakes and other forms of transparency, reassure people that things are being run as needed. Doing so will also help secure loyalty from customers.

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