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G.M. Expanding Self-Driving Car Operations in Silicon Valley

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In the race to develop self-driving cars, General Motors is expanding its operations near Silicon Valley.

The automaker recently said that it planned to hire 1,100 people and invest $14 million at a new development center in San Francisco that would spearhead the company’s work on self-driving cars.

G.M. and Cruise Automation, an autonomous-driving software company G.M. acquired a year ago, have been testing more than 50 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars equipped with self-driving technology on public roads in San Francisco; Scottsdale, Ariz.; and the Detroit area.

The new investment and hiring are intended to expand and accelerate their work, G.M.’s chief executive, Mary T. Barra, said in a statement.

“Running our autonomous vehicle program as a start-up is giving us the speed we need to continue to stay at the forefront of development of these technologies and the market applications,” she said.

The move comes as traditional automakers are rushing to partner with and acquire technology companies amid a global race to develop cars capable of driving themselves safely with little input from passengers.


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