The Chris Jones Vision

Here's The Chris Jones Vision:

My Vision consists of a virtual office or maybe a physical office but you know maybe virtual first... essentially Four different divisions.

1. - A website designed to save grieving families money during a stressful time by reducing the cost of publicizing a deceased Loved One's Life Story. 

2. Internet RadioAn Online Audio Stream with another two or three people doing updates, playlists, vocals, live shows, requests and that sort of thing, with advertising of course. This will expand into more than one audio stream.

3. Lifestyle Podcasts - A series of ongoing podcasts and articles designed to help keep your relationship with a significant other positive. This is low on the priority list at the moment. 

4. Chris Jones Gaming

Chris Jones Gaming would need 3 or 4 people manning it full time, getting game updates and posting reviews, etc. Chris Jones Gaming would be, you know, a lot bigger thing than it is now. Chris Jones Gaming is an entirely separate arm of Chris Jones Media, with a rich history. The idea of Chris Jones Gaming began in late 2006, when Chris and some Internet colleagues started the organization based on the extreme modification of one particular ‘Star Trek’ game. Chris saw the enormous talent the group possessed and helped to guide the team into creating a game modification that gets downloads to this day, and numbers in the tens of thousands. That actually happened on the ‘dot net’ domain – which now redirects here. The idea of Chris Jones Gaming today is to provide extensive gaming industry news and reviews, to sell offer up ‘Branded’ Chris Jones Gaming’ Computer Systems and Gaming Gear, and to be a hub of Gaming Lifestyle activity. Parts of that dream have yet to be realized, and we are working hard to make it happen!

That's the Chris Jones Vision, three divisions and basically a Media Empire with Gaming News, and Internet Radio.

The Chris Jones Vision for Chris Jones Media
Chris Jones - The Director of Customer Happiness

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I pride myself in an ability to communicate effectively with anyone, either personally or professionally. Many years in the Sales, Retail and Broadcast Industries have honed my communication skills. Customer and People satisfaction have made me who I am.

My goal is to help people by identifying a need, and then filling it by drawing upon extensive experience in many areas of customer service. This could be in the Website Design area, Internet Radio Broadcasting, or the reporting of the latest and greatest video gaming news.

Specialties: The ability to adapt to a a person's way of thinking to communicate in the most efficient manner. Website Administration - Professional Website Implementation for your new or existing business. Video and Audio Editing for your advertising message - from my radio broadcasting background - with the voice to make it happen.

The Chris Jones Vision.

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