Chris Jones Gaming

Chris Jones Gaming

I wanted to include my now limited gaming exploits on this blog because it is part of what got me to where I am today.

In January 2007 a bunch of us, including the gentleman who assisted in the construction of this new Chris Jones Media website in late April 2020, started ‘Chris Jones Gaming‘.

Up until that point I had been modifying Star Trek Video Games on the PC to make them feel ‘better’ to me.

Mod Names like ‘Universe At War’ and ‘Ultimate Universe’ come to mind. That last one, ‘The Ultimate Universe‘, became my real signature.

I was the lead organizer of a rather large pool of talent scattered across the internet, and the entire planet, and we had such a great time making that mod.

Here is the Intro for the mod and one of our most popular parts of the mod.

The first part of the mod was released in the Fall of 2007 and since then has garnered 10s of thousands of downloads.

It wasn’t all Star Trek. Chris Jones Gaming was host to some game servers for Counter Strike and Counter Strike Source on the Steam platform, and the website became a source for gaming news and reviews.

We had a discussion forum, the archive of which can be seen here, where we discussed ‘The Ultimate Universe’, and other topics.

There is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Chris Jones Gaming, and it’s rich history.

As time went on I shifted focus in to Radio Broadcasting, Sales, and now Voiceover work. 

I could go on and on about the gaming days. As of now I do maintain, and make the occasional post there.

Thank You for reading.

 – Chris

(Image from the year 2000)

Chris Jones Gaming

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Chris Jones

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