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This Page, The Chris Jones Gaming Concept, is here to show inclusion in the ‘Chris Jones Media’ Concept.

Chris Jones Gaming Concept

Chris Jones Gaming

Along with Website Design and Internet Radio, I present the Chris Jones Gaming Concept!
Chris Jones Gaming is an entirely separate arm of Chris Jones Media, with a rich history. The idea of Chris Jones Gaming began in late 2006, when Chris and some Internet colleagues started the organization based on the extreme modification of one particular ‘Star Trek’ game. Chris saw the enormous talent the group possessed and helped to guide the team into creating a game modification that gets downloads to this day, and numbers in the tens of thousands. That actually happened on the ‘dot net’ domain – which now redirects here. The idea of Chris Jones Gaming today is to provide extensive gaming industry news and reviews, to sell offer up ‘Branded’ Chris Jones Gaming’ Computer Systems and Gaming Gear, and to be a hub of Gaming Lifestyle activity. Parts of the dream have yet to be realized, and we are working hard to make it happen!

This next bit was done July 26, 2012 and shown here for Historical reasons. In the video I mention a now-offline Video Website. I no longer maintain that YouTube like Video website.

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