Audio or Video

Audio or Video

I am often asked, and I often speculate, on which is more captivating – Audio or Video. It certainly is a video world these days. This Forbes article from 2018 talks about 80% of Internet traffic consuming video content, despite the cost of creating said quality video content. I thoroughly enjoy shooting, editing, and creating video content – my Social Media is proof of that. (links below). Audio or Video?

Enter Audio. I might be biased here as I started my media adventures as an Audio guy – specifically, Radio. From 1979 to about 1993 I was in radio broadcasting, mostly as an announcer/disc jockey – playing the tunes and reading the news. These days, I find it easier, as most content creators would, to produce quality audio than to produce video.

Audio or Video

This is why I bill myself as a Voiceover guy, as opposed to a Video or Media Company. As of this post I release a new podcast every Wednesday. Many podcasters will record a video of their podcast, but the video is considered secondary to the superb audio quality. Gary Vaynerchuk comes to mind with this idea. What he says, as in the audio portion, is significantly more important than the video aspect. On that note I find it much more relaxing to NOT have a video aspect to a podcast, because I am not concerned with how it looks, just how it sounds. Audio or Video?

Back to Gary Vee for a second. He is saying that Voice will become more significant with regard to branding. When you ask Alexa to find a plumber, who Alexa picks as the plumber for you will depend upon branding. Branding is another whole topic, but the idea is that it will be done with voice, not video.


With regard to Podcasting, this article talks about increased audio engagement due to said Podcasting. Certainly it is easier to consume Audio while you doing other things; like housework, auto repair, working out, etc.. Video requires you look at a screen. With Audio, you can paint a picture in a person’s mind, rather than have a picture shown, which I feel leaves less to the imagination.

In Conclusion..

Audio or Video? All this being said which I do prefer? Both have advantages and disadvantages. I enjoy the relaxing aspect of audio only, but also enjoy creating a story with video. Being a radio guy at the start I have to lean a bit towards Audio only, but only a tiny bit.

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