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Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on Social Media – Where do I start? Profits were up last quarter, and your customer service reputation is unbeatable within your space. Your Family sees how happy you are, and ‘things’ are going well. You feel, however, that more is out there for you. You have been approached by radio stations promising that advertising with them is better than using newspapers or television. While there is some truth to that, your recently started Social Media pages occupy your thoughts. The engagement on the posts you put up are less than stellar. You sometimes feel it is not worth it to keep posting on Social Media. You are considering advertising on Social Media, and while scrolling LinkedIn one day you see this..

Advertising on Social Media

Voice. Video. Web. It looks like and all-in-one ad agency. The reviews look compelling and he is certainly happy, and you want to convey a message for your business that exudes positivity and genuine sincerity.

While I’ve been using my voice for 40+ years to solve problems and help people, the idea of adding video to my professional skill set made perfect sense. The original idea was to produce audio with my experienced radio voice and use someone else’s video, but that idea very quickly turned into utilization of video editing software, and being a ‘one stop shop’.  It has done well, judging by Google and Facebook reviews. I had been editing videos for the video game industry for a while, but decided not to pursue that full time. 

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Advertising on Social Media - Where do I start?
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Advertising on Social Media - Where do I start?
Social Media Advertising. Get a New Voice and Video in One Place.
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