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Chris Jones Media is an agency that was launched in March 2019 by founder, Chris Jones. With a passion for meeting new people, learning about their businesses, and telling their stories, it seemed only natural that he would be able to help businesses reach new clients. With his background in sales, information technology, and radio broadcasting — Mr. Jones brings a special set of skills to his work; solving challenges businesses face by creating audio and video content for social media

Today, the agency manages the marketing activities for companies from Albany through Glens Falls, New York. You’ll learn so much about us by watching and listening to our work, so let’s go! 

Watch Chris Jones in action in the videos below. You can hear his voice over and radio work at:

About Our Services

Imagine Video Production and Marketing, what we call ‘Visual Maximization‘, using state of the art software in conjunction with high quality video, tailored to You!

Whether it’s just Voice or an entire Production, producing a ‘Business Origin’ story will solidify your relationship with your clients. The Bow Knows.

With The Bow Knows VO, you get voice over the way you envision it, and the way you want it – done right – delivered on time – with full attention to detail.

Commercial, Explainer, Audiobooks, eLearning, Documentaries, Gaming. The Bow Knows VO.

Imagine that your Social Media presence skyrockets, your overall ad cost decreases, and you are an expert in your space! I Craft a presentation for you that ‘Pops’, and manage your content! The Bow Knows Social.

What if you could experience Podcasts, with Business Origin stories, and topics like The Environment, Mindset, Chronic Pain, Local Marketing, Healthy Eating, Brand Stories, etc. ‘The Bow Knows Who Is Changing The World’ Podcast does just that.

UP TO 1979

Part 1: Prior to Radio Broadcasting


Part 2: Radio

1993-Feb 28, 2019

Part 3: Evolutionary Sales Progression

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