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The Bow Knows VO

Voiceover Talent – You get Voiceover the way you envision it, and the way you want it – done right – delivered on time.

The Bow Knows VO VideoImagine Video Production using state of the art software in conjunction with high quality video, tailored to You!

Whether it’s just Voice or an entire Production, producing a ‘Business Origin’ story will solidify your relationship with your clients. You Will Look Good!

The Bow Knows PodcastsWhat if you could experience Podcasts, featuring Business Origin stories with company staff, about Chronic Pain, Local Marketing, Healthy Eating, Acting and modeling, Brand Stories, Radio Broadcasting..

The Bow Knows VO SocialImagine that your Social Media presence suddenly skyrockets – and as a result, your overall ad cost decreases, and you find yourself as an expert in your space!

I Craft a presentation for you that ‘Pops’!

The Bow Knows VO - Chris Jones

The Bow Knows VO

A Sampling of some VERY Satisfied Clients..

462 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845

XII Sporks

487 Dix Ave, Queensbury, NY 12804

Dix Ave Diner

1473 Erie Blvd, Executive Suite 9, Schenectady, NY

Capital Region Calmare

Clients who talk about us

Some of our Clients include in New York, Airway Meadows Golf Club, Big Moose Furniture Company, Rogers Island, BJS Artworks, Burch Motors, Send a Meal Today, A Plus Cleaning, ABF Cleaning, XII Sporks, Dix Ave Diner, Alchemy Bagel Cafe and many more….

This man right here is absolutely amazing!! We now call him Chris Angel. He is Professional, funny, caring, fast, and his work is amazing. We highly recommend him. Thank you Chris Jones you are truly one in a million ❤️
XII Sporks
Misty Feulner
Owner - XII Sporks

Chris approached our family owned business asking if he could do a voice over video for the business along with an interview with my son and I. Honestly I had no idea what to expect but took a chance with him and was so impressed how perfect and professional the video was that we moved forward with the interview which was also a success. Burch Motors highly recommends for Chris Jones Media Voiceovers, he’s no doubt the best.

Steve Burch
Burch Motors 

Chris Jones was a pleasure to work with, and fair with his pricing. I showed him around Airway Meadows Golf Club and the rest was all him. He performed edits and additions until the product was just right for us. I’d hire him again in a minute. 

Joan Heber
Airway Meadows Golf Club
Gansevoort, New York

Not only have we became friends since we met but we have done business. Doing business with Chris was fantastic, it was fun and definitely profitable. He was very professional in everything he has done for us and appreciate everything. I definitely recommend Chris.
John Fisher
Owner - ABF Cleaning

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The Bow Knows VO

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