Outdoor Imagery from Haviland’s Cove in Glens Falls NY USA

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Natural Mosquito Repellent

Bug Repellant

New Natural Mosquito, No-see-um, Gnat and Midge Repellent With Non-Toxic CDC Approved Ingredients

Tropical Strength Bug Repellent, Male and Female Mosquitoes, Awesome Tropical Strength Bug Repellent

Recommended to give simple, deet-free, long-lasting protection with PMD plus nine other natural effective ingredients included for fast relief.



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Towel Stealing – A Problem for Hotels

Towel Rack

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, USA, July 2016 / — When guests find comfort in a hotel room, they want to tuck everything in the bag and keep it for themselves. Guests have to behave decently especially in the case of stealing towels.
It happens with many guests and the ones having a luxury stay will definitely perform such acts. It is entirely wrong because guests pay for the room to have a cozy and comfortable stay but are not entitled to the hotel stuff. From large hotel chains to 2-star hotels all have reported about the theft of stealing towels, bed sheets, bathrobes, hangers, mattress covers, and everything they find that is not fastened down in the room.

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“Highly Quotable” collection of inspirational attitude boosts


This Newly released treasury of quotes offers motivational thoughts for surviving those ‘down’ days. We can all use this

Source: “Highly Quotable” collection of inspirational attitude boosts

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Recording Artist Tina Torres Pays Tribute to Orlando Shooting Victims with her single release “Smiling Guns”

Tina Torres

Orlando’s Entertainment Industry artists come together to create a musical visual tribute to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Source: Recording Artist Tina Torres Pays Tribute to Orlando Shooting Victims with her single release “Smiling Guns”

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What We Do

Sirius XM

We Do:
Website Administration – email for list
Internet Radio (see Below) and
Gaming News, Reviews, and Lifestyle – See This!

Please note this site is under construction
Welcome to the Chris Jones Personal Favorites Audio Stream
Chris Jones Media
You gotta stay true to your roots. I’ve been layin’ it down live in my head, on the air, and on the Net since 1979! “Chris Jones Favorites” is gaining listeners every day. You diggin’ it yet? There are many Entertainment Choices today. Thank you for coming here! Take a listen through the legal web player, or through your favorite media player.

Listen using Winamp

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Story –
I began broadcasting on a College Radio Station at SUNY Plattsburgh (NY, USA) in 1979, and was a professional broadcaster until 1993 when my life went a different way. Once that Radio bug hit, I was infected forever. This radio station features 50 years of personal favorites; tunes with energy and passion!

With years of experience under my belt, you won’t find a more qualified, dignified or electrified person to throw down the music and personality for your ears. I present, for your listening entertainment, 50 years of Personal Favorites, sprinkled with bits of Personality and Fun. The playlist is evolving and expanding. This Radio Station is a Labour of Love with a playlist that can take you through your workday without a repeat. I am having much fun with this, and would love some feedback.

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AceShowbiz 2016’s 27th Week Artist is ScHoolBoy Q

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2016 / — Staying in the game among so many hip-hop artists may be even harder than making debut in the industry. But ScHoolBoy Q (born Quincy Matthew Hanley) proves his consistency and creativity, …

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ACC GLOBAL MEDIA Press Release for Monique Sanders of Silhouette Life Coaching Albuquerque, New Mexico

ACC Global Media Spotlights Monique Sanders on Empowered Women, Diversity, Life, Divorce Coaching, & Women Coming Out the Closet

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2016 / — Interview with Monique Sanders, Founder of …

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Lockheed Martin Gets $357M FMS Contract AEGIS: Hear from Lockheed at Air Missile Defence Technology 2016

SMi Group reports (2016.07.05 – Prague, Czech Republic) Lockheed Martin to join the speaker panel for Air Missile Defence Technology 2016.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, July 5, 2016 / — Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $357 million contract …

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Flick Fusion's Tim James & Gina Reuscher Selected to Speak at Digital Dealer 21, Shining Spotlight on Video Marketing

URBANDALE, IA, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2016 / — Flick Fusion today announced that its COO Tim James and Director of Marketing Gina Reuscher were both selected to speak at the 21st Digital Dealer Convention and Expo to be held August 8-10, …

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