2 Great Ways to Attract Customers!

There’s two ways, there’s two real ways to attract customers. I mean, you’re in business, you know how to do it. You have people coming through your door or, you know, getting your services if you’re not a brick and mortar. Video Storytelling, Video Storytelling, it doesn’t have to be well produced. It doesn’t have to be polished with no pausing.. All that.

Attract Customers

It doesn’t have to be perfect. What I’m saying is, just get your message out there! So video marketing, take a video, grab your phone and hold it up and say, Hey, this is what’s going on today. I got this special going on. Come on down. Say hi.

Number Two – Audio Marketing. What? Audio marketing? What’s that? Is that Clubhouse? Is Clubhouse audio marketing? Could be because there’s a lot of rooms on Clubhouse that talk about how to do things.

How to attract customers, how to do VO marketing. Corey, Hi Corey, Corey Dissin. Audio Marketing. It ties in with video marketing..

Attract Customers



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